Custom Software Development
by founders who’ve been in your shoes


We’re successful founders who launched and grew a B2B software company to $6M in annual revenue. Now we’re on a mission to help B2B SaaS companies build outstanding products that delight their customers.

Think of us like a turbocharger for your dev team…

Staff Up

Depending on your needs, one or more of our Principal Software Engineers (10+ years of hands-on experience including key engineering positions at high-growth startups) will join your team – anywhere from a few hours a month to 40 hours/wk. There’s no need to commit to a big project, month-by-month is fine.

Plug In

We then quickly plug in to your project(s), processes, systems, and culture, so that we hit the ground running and start delivering value immediately.

Get Things Done

From evaluating/selecting new technologies, to the technical design of key features, to mentoring, code reviews, and so much more, there are a huge number of high-value software engineering tasks that our team can help with.

Who We’ve Helped

Elastic Path

Two of our team members (Justin and Dave) were co-founders at Elastic Path, a B2B E-Commerce Software company that they and their team grew from 0 to $6 million USD in annual revenue, 70 people and $5 billion in processed transactions, in the first 5 years they were there.

Dave built the entire first version of the product himself and a few years later was leading multiple product teams of up to 45 people across 4 time zones. Meanwhile, Justin was Lead Software Engineer on many of their client projects involving major customization and integration of the core product for clients ranging from startup to Fortune 500.

HH Angus

HH Angus is a Canadian consulting engineering company that is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. They’ve been in business for over 100 years, have 300+ employees and 6 offices in Canada and the US.

This is a deeper technical look at a B2B SaaS product that we built for them to help them expand their offerings and better serve their customers. Until this point, HH Angus had been a pure services company. They were now crossing over into being a hybrid product / service company with their own SaaS product.

ATS Engineers

ATS Engineers is an Austin, TX based firm that provides MEP, Civil and Structural Engineering, Inspections, Energy and Land Surveying services.

This is a story about ATS’s journey from running on an antiquated, proprietary system on a single in-house server, to crafting a custom platform running on a robust, cloud native architected solution on AWS.

Reach Us

All our team members are based in the US or Canada.